StablePAVE TRADE 40mm

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StablePAVE TRADE 40mm

WHAT IS IT? - StablePAVE TRADE is a gravel stabilisation panel complete with double strength weed suppressant membrane attached to the base. Designed for residential landscapers and paving contractors, the panel is produced in a user friendly size of 1.200 mtr x 0.800 mtr x 30 mm deep, which is very easily cut to shape. It is fully tested for compressive loadings of 130 tonnes per sq. mtr (63kN) when empty and 400 tonnes per sq. mtr (193kN) when filled with gravel. UV resistance is incorporated into the formulation at industry leading levels.

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Breeam compatibility) - StablePAVE TRADE is manufactured from 100% recycled raw material.The material can be fully re-cycled in itself which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in manufacture, use and disposal.

The system lends itself to utilising locally sourced or re-cycled aggregates (where appropriate) so carbon miles can be minimised. Even where imported aggregates are preferred, the low gravel demand of 55 – 65 kg per sq. metre utilises much less material than unreinforced gravel options or bound surfaces.

WHAT DOES IT DO? - StablePAVE TRADE provides a free draining, permeable paving layer for residential driveways, paths and patios.The honeycomb prevents rutting, spreading and gravel migration.Additionally the honeycomb structure reinforces the gravel layer to give paving layer strength comparable to concrete or asphalt.The panels have a connector pin to facilitate secure location of the panels which assists fast and accurate placement.
The finished surface is suitable for vehicle, pedestrian and wheelchair use. StablePAVE TRADE is an economical paving choice for residential applications combining durability, unlimited choice of aggregate finish, permeability and fast installation.

Very competitively priced, without compromise on durability, StablePAVE TRADE is tested to the same standards as the other reinforcing grids in the StableDRIVE range. It is fast and easy to install, making this the ideal solution where budget considerations are paramount.

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage) - Planning demands for hard surfaces to have minimum impact on surface drainage capacity is now a specific requirement in most parts of the UK. StablePAVE TRADE addresses those issues entirely, so does not require planning approval in Sustainable Drainage terms.
The system can be used as part of a fully permeable sub base construction or water harvesting installations.

PRODUCTIVITY - Stabilised Gravel Honeycomb Grids are fast and easy to install, which is a major cost consideration when compared to the alternatives. Installation rates of up to 250 sq. metres per day with a single small crew are achievable, making StablePAVE TRADE a very economical paving choice.