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StablePAVE ECO is a gravel stabilisation grid for pedestrian only applications. Coloured black* (also available in translucent at extra cost) with a double strength weed suppressant membrane attached to the base, StablePAVE ECO offers an ideal combination of permeable performance, economy and productivity. The panel is produced in a light weight, user friendly size of 1.200 x 0.800 mtr x 30 mm deep, which is very easily cut to shape. Panels have interconnecting location pins, which aid accuracy and speed of installation. Applications are primarily pedestrian, although the grids are strong enough to withstand regular traffic use from landscape and maintenance equipment.

LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT (Breeam compatibility)

StablePAVE ECO is manufactured from 100% re-cycled raw material. The panels themselves and any off cuts can be fully recycled, which leads to an ultra-low carbon footprint in manufacture, use and disposal. StablePAVE lends itself to utilising locally sourced or re-cycled aggregates, further enhancing the products environmental credentials. Low gravel demand of 55kg – 65 kg per sq. metre utilises much less material than unreinforced gravel options or bound surfaces.


StablePAVE ECO provides a truly permeable reinforcement for gravels and pathway fills, which offers a natural alternative to resin bonded surfaces, asphalt, concrete or pavers. The honeycomb structure reinforces the aggregate layer, which prevents rutting, spreading and migration of the chippings. Suitable for all pedestrian uses, such as paths, patios, roof gardens, quadrangles and leisure areas, StablePAVE ECO creates a solid, permeable, wheelchair and bicycle friendly surface. Very competitively priced, without compromise on durability, StablePAVE ECO is tested to the same standards as the other reinforcing grids in the StablePAVE range. It is fast and easy to install, making this the ideal solution where budget considerations are paramount.

SUDS (Sustainable Drainage)

Planning requirements for hard paved surfaces to have minimum impact on surface drainage capacity necessitates formal planning approval in most parts of the UK. StablePAVE ECO addresses those issues entirely, so does not need such approvals. The system can be used as part of a fully permeable sub base construction or water harvesting applications.


StablePATH ECO is fast and easy to install, so whether the application is large or small the client can be sure that construction time will be minimised, thereby ensuring a cost effective outcome. The combination of competitive product cost and fast rates of installation make StablePAVE ECO a wise and budget conscious choice for designers, installers and clients.


StablePAVE ECO: Gravel Stabilisation specification


StablePAVE ECO should be placed on a suitably compacted sub-base (see notes), with weed suppressant overlap laid underneath each following sheet.


Panels should be placed on a flat bed of blinding or sand, graded to suit the installation.


Gravel fill at a rate of 55 - 65 kg per sq. metre, should be placed into the honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure should be overfilled to a depth of 10 - 20 mm above the top surface of the panels. Filling should take place from the access point inwards and mechanical or pedestrian traffic should only occur over filled panels. StablePAVE is suitable for use with all sizes of gravel up to 10 mm diameter.


If required final consolidation can be aided by light compaction with a compaction plate.


Sub-base substructure is dependent on the use to which the final surface is to experience. This can vary from compacted earth for very light foot access paths to 150 mm of type one sub base material, where regular vehicle traffic is anticipated. In general the same sub-base as would be specified for modular concrete paving, is applicable to StablePAVE.


StablePAVE requires virtually no maintenance.

If the honeycombs cells become exposed simply top up with gravel.